Crispy Corn Kernels
AED 25.20

Spicy Drums of Heaven
AED 27.50

Imperial Dragon Special Starter
AED 37.80

Sui Mai Chicken/Prawn
AED 33.60/37.80

Fried Prawn Balls AED 44.10

Crispy Vegetable in Sichuan Sauce
AED 25.20

Fried Baby corn
AED 25.20

Golden Fried Prawn AED 48.30

Steamed Wonton Chicken/Prawn AED 33.60/37.80

Fried Wonton Chicken/Prawn
AED 27.30/29.40

Prawn on Toast with Sesame Seed
AED 37.80

Crispy Fried Shrimp Ball
AED 48.30

Spring Roll with Vegetables
AED 25.20

Steamed Assorted Dimsum
AED 39.90

Prawn Har Khao
AED 35.70

Shredded Spicy Crispy Chicken
AED 35.70

Fried Fish Finger
AED 35.70

Wasabi Prawn Fried AED 48.30

Vegetable Dumpling AED 31.50

Iceberg Lettuce Wrap Chicken/Veg
AED 31.50/25.20

Fried Chicken Dumpling
AED 35.70

Fried Vegetable Dumpling
AED 31.50

Dynamite Prawn
AED 48.30