About Us

Since its inception in September 2005, Calcutta Imperial Dragon has been under the ownership and management of Patrick Ranee Chu. Patrick’s deep-seated enthusiasm for culinary service took root when he was just 21 years old, and he has been a fixture in Dubai’s food industry for more than four decades. His extensive experience within this dynamic field has imparted upon him the skills to adjust, anticipate, and meet the diverse needs of individuals across the UAE. Over the past three years, the establishment has been rebranded as ‘Calcutta Chinese’. Under the leadership of the late Mr. Steven Chen, who served as both a partner and chef at the restaurant, the culinary team comprised of Chinese chefs has infused their distinctive creativity. Steven notably introduced the flavors of “Chinese Cuisine” from the former ‘City of Joy,’ now known as ‘Kolkata’, the very city where this cuisine is cherished by millions throughout India on a daily basis.